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We help individuals and businesses grow and transform into successful purpose driven organizations that deliver a positive impact to themselves, their communities and our planet.

Purpose Driven Business Coaching with Kristi Smith
Seasoned Entrepreneur, Business Mentor/Coach, Speaker and Motivated Change Maker.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to create a business with more soul?
  • Are you looking to grow or scale your business in more conscious and sustainable ways, but are not really clear on what the “right” strategy or next best steps are?

  • Do you want to create a business where you have more energy, don’t work 60-100 hours per week and have the choice to operate it remotely if you want to?

  • Do you want a business that provides you the freedom to pursue other goals and interests, while also allowing you to spend more quality time with your family & friends?

  • Are you wanting to create or transition your company into a “profit for purpose” business which still creates healthy profits, but also impacts your community and our planet positively?

  • Do you need someone you can trust to seek advice or bounce ideas off, or help with getting your strategy and company purpose clear, as well as attaining the tools that will enable you to execute your strategy at every level of your company?

  • Do you want to build an amazing culture, where great talent are actually knocking at your door wanting to work for you?

If so, then check out "The Framework of Sustainable Business".


As a business founder & seasoned entrepreneur for over 25+ years, I understand first-hand the immense stress and challenges faced when building a successful company from the ground up. However, I didn’t always grow my companies or advise others to grow their companies in the most sustainable ways, or in alignment to our highest purposes until I had my own “crisis of consciousness,” which transpired into life and business changes. You can’t have a sustainable business if you don’t create and live a sustainable life!

I focused on finding my why and the alignment to my highest purpose.

This meant I needed to focus on developing sustainability not just in my business, but in every aspect of my life ….this is when everything began to dramatically change!


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